By Watchdog reporter

Koboko Municipality MP also Investment Minister Evelyn Anite has revealed that she got a text message on her phone threatening her that she is going to be killed like the late police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

“I got a message on my phone that I was going to be killed the way Kaweesi was killed,” said Anite.

Anite is one of the lead age limit removal agents who are working tooth and nail to see article 102b is amended.

However despite of the threats, the legislator has she has nothing to regret since the constitution she is planning to amend, tells her the army will defend her.

“If there is a lacuna in the Constitution, it is our constitutional duty and mandate to remove that lacuna. I have nothing to regret, my constitution, which I’m going to amend, tells me that the army will defend me,” she boosted.

Meanwhile, NRM MPs led by Igara West County MP Raphael Magezi are all set to table the private members bill today at parliament.