By Henry Lubowa

News of the death of Hon Cyrus Amodoi was terribly shocking, especially the circumstances of his death and images of his condition at death.

Amodoi was down to earth, a good disciple, a disciplined soldier, a good listener, and to me and the family of the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) where I met him, he is an irreplaceable leader.

I met Cyrus some Monday in 2000. It was his first day at Makerere University, and as a non resident he had come to UH to register. There was a line and this fresher was talking to his peers from left right, when I approached. I had gone to find out what was happening. It’s there that Cyrus discovered that I was the UYD chairman. From that day, I discovered a workaholic, very dedicated. Cyrus was later to be the UYD leader of non residents. He was thorough, down to earth, calm and soft spoken but lion hearted.

I have met, trained, worked with young leaders, but Cyrus was a different breed. In that generation, he and another one – Juma Muhamed, and later Mwaka Emmanuel Lutukumoi were like giants made from heaven. They always give you their all. We had many processions and I was always sure that leaders are there. There was no single responsibilty that Cyrus hanged. As chairman for Non residents, there is no single Mugunddu (procession) – all Mbidde, Stella Kiryowa Mukama, that Cyrus did not walk in his time. He would be at your door at 7am with a plan for all Kikoni, then Katanga..ohhhh, he was good.
One day, the TESDA group had issues with my brother Hon Mukasa Fred Mbidde. It was a rainy night, about 4:00 am. I was deep asleep when I had a voice calling, and it was Cyrus standing outside in the drizzle. He wanted to sort issues of TESDA at that time. He had not slept, yet he was only a first year. He had rare courage and self drive, no wonder he became MP at that young age.
I did not know that Cyrus had become an MP, till 2015 when I had gone to parliament on one of my white elephant projects. It was joyous meeting, he had not changed. His dressing was the same like before. His down to earth character had not eruded him. When he told me that he was an MP and how he had gotten there, I was lost of words, his path was touching and easily confusing, but for me who knew him, it was a necessary and well orchestrated manoeuvre by a determined and focus soldier.

News of his death therefore, came like a thunder, a real bad blow in my face. I can’t imagine what happened. Toroma is quite far, but that’s what I can do to give respect to a comrade gone too early.
Till we meet brother, rest in peace.