By Najib Mulema

Following the Monday campaign chaos in Arua that saw opposition MPs and supporters arrested and brutally tortured, the European Union (EU) and US mission in Uganda have tasked government to show that it respects the country’s constitution and the human rights of all its citizens.

In a statement, EU revealed that it’s concerned by the events that occurred before the Arua Municipality by-election which included violence, lack of accredited domestic observers, reported brutal treatment of MPs, journalists and civilians as well as loss of human life.

The Union said there’s no room for repression nor violence in a modern democratic Uganda thus advising all tiers in government, political parties and civil society to cooperate to ensure that the events that caused much suffering to the citizens and have damaged the global image of Uganda are addressed swiftly and transparently with full respect for the rule of law.

On the other hand, the US Mission in Uganda stated that all people who are currently detained have the right to humane treatment, due process, access to lawyers and to their families, and a prompt, fair, and transparent trial.

It further noted that those who need medical attention should be granted immediate access to a doctor of their choice.