By Watchdog reporter

On Monday, social media users where shocked after ‘kitone’ singer Desire Luzinda leaked her own nude photos online for the whole universe to see.

This is the second time Desire’s explicit photos are surfacing online. The first time was in 2014 when her ex-Nigerian boyfriend leaked  her nude video plus photos which left many hungry men yearning to have a piece of her.

After minting big in the first set of her nudes as long as her career is concerned, the singer yesterday decided to release another set of photos thinking she can resurrect her fading career.

However, after discovering that the cur vicious singer has continued with her bad manners, Ethics and Integrity minister Fr. Simon Lokodo has vowed to put Desire behind bars citing that her bad habit is too much.

The minister revealed that he is yet to see Desire’s new nude photos; that in case they are existing, he is going to order for her arrest with immediate effect.