By Kiyimba Bruno

Equity bank yesterday managed to meet with the hotel owners to show them the simplified methods of banking that they have unpacked for them.

Speaking to the hotel managers yesterday, in a breakfast meeting that took place at hotel Africana, the  head of marketing  and communications of Equity bank Uganda Mr. Phillip Otim said that the this partnership has helped them to take their clients mostly  the hotel owners through the digital platform.

The new banking system shall make it easier for the hotel owners and their customers to understand what the digital error is about.

The new banking system aims at easing the banking means as well as getting the customers out of the banking halls through use the use of ATM, mobile phones, the mobile banking apps,VISA enabled and many more which shall enable them to  swipe their cards to any of the hotel machines.

‘’We managed to do random sampling and from this research, we discovered that most people hate going to the bank due to the time that they spend while in there.’’ Otim said.

Among the introduced requirements, the customer shall be required to have a merchant membership application form, updated annual returns duly filled or six months bank statement, the vat certificate or PIN, directors Identification, certificate of incorporation, a memorandum of understanding, company form 7/20 as well as a search fee.

Some of the grievances that the hotel owners hoped to be saved from was money exchange. They say that many of them have clients from countries like Kenya who don’t feel comfortable to exchange their money into US Dollars. On this note they end up carrying all the Kenya money in their bags to pay from the hotels that they are going to sleep in.

Equity bank is one of the strong banks in the east African region, operating in countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania among others.

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