By Najibu Mulema

The ministry of water and environment is overwhelmed by the request from various municipalities for the degazettement of forests.

This has been revealed by the minister of water and environment Sam Cheptoris at a time environmentalists are concerned about the plan moved to degazette a number of forests.He says that the country’s forests must be protected thus planting more trees and he calls for support from all stakeholders in the conservation effort.

“You know there’s alot of pressure from members of parliament,pressure from the municipalities to degazette forests,you should not keep quiet infact for your information, people who destroy forests are employees of the government. I was wondering like some of these urban authorities who had the forest degazetted to build useless houses,we must fight the degazettement of forests and i must not fight alone,i want members of parliament to help me.”Cheptoris asserted.

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