By Najibu Mulema

The Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre’s oldest chimpanzee Zakayo has celebrated 53 years today. The centre organized celebrations to mark his birthday with quite a number of activities including cake cutting.

The centre executive director, James Musinguzi says the day is to be used to also mark other things such as raise awareness of the plight of chimpanzees in the wild and a need to conserve them.


“I want to assure the public that Zakayo has never died as it has been circulated in some circles. Zakayo is alive and going to celebrate his birthday marking 53 years of age,” Musinguzi said.

“It’s a great honour and a great day for us because this is an opportunity for us to show case the oldest chimpanzee known in the world.” He added.

Zakayo is said to have been rescued around Semliki in 1964 when he was found abandoned and he was believed to be two years by then. He was brought to the centre on 19th of June,1976.