By Watchdog reporter

For a while allegations on various social media platforms have been moving around insinuating that Entebbe International Airport toilets were the dirtiest in the world.

The airport management has come out to refute the allegations citing that Entebbe Airport has been on several occasions received positive feedback in relation to cleanliness.

“Contrary to the social media reports, one of the areas in which Entebbe International Airport has received positive feedback in this and other surveys is in relation to cleanliness. Many frequent fliers attest to this,” says Entebbe Civil Aviation Authority.

“In addition, the IGG report on airport cleanliness, which was alluded to in the social media reports only pointed out areas of weakness that were observed in some few out of many washrooms at the time of the investigation and these have since been duly addressed with appropriate corrective and preventive measures. The report did not classify the level of cleanliness in relation to other airports and should therefore not be misused to classify the cleanliness of Entebbe’s airport toilets in relation to those of any other airports,” statement partly reads.

Civil Aviation Authority asserts that it remains committed to its mission of ensuring the “highest standards of safety, security and service” while observing continual improvement.