By Kiyimba Bruno

Power and energy stakeholders have on Thursday met and expressed their grievances arising in the sector.

These were in a breakfast meeting that took place at hotel Africana. The event was organised by Frank Energy consultants.

In a breakfast meeting organized by Frank Energy Consultants at Hotel Africana, Dr. Frank B Sebbowa, the Director of Frank energy urged government to reconsider reinstating the East African power pool.

He went ahead to highlight that it is the pool forces systems efficiency that lead to less tariffs.

However, government is up to speed the generation of public and private power.

He urged the government to front all sort of activities in the energy sector.

“Electricity energy challenge is the main issue on the table that demands response.” Said Eng. Sebbowa.

Ever since the investigations into the problems surrounding Karuma ,Isimba dams in the public eye,there is a growing concern among Ugandans  to accomplish 2040 plans of having sustainable power all over Uganda.

Samuel Bunya one of the energy practitioners believes that according to citizens’ electricity itself is expensive.

“Although the tariffs have been reduced with the recent happening in July 2017, most Ugandans are finding electricity expensive both in home and businesses.