By Patrick Luganda

The difference is in the air.
We see the difference.
We smell the difference.
We touch the difference
We taste the difference
We hear the difference

The difference is in the feeling
The feeling of renewed energy
The fear evaporated
The tears dried over night
To hear the weeping no more
To bear the worrisome burden

The burdened nation sighs, relieved
The burden is lighter, we believe
The heavy weight chief, disarmed
Disarmed in daylight, by the word
The word is quick to strip him naked
As was done at the River Nile

The Source of the mighty Nile
Chambers to squeeze were crafted
To squeeze the toes and fingers
To squeeze the testicles
The information came out
None likes the squeeze dance

We cried in unison to our ancestors
The Gods of Kiira Mighty powerful
The Gods of Budhaghaali
Stop the screaming, we cannot sleep
The blood will not flow on our land
Repentance to the God of gods

Our forefathers killed a Bishop
We never cleansed the land ,you say?
We joined the white man’s religion
Stop the torture, the weeping we beg
Our eyes are swollen and reddened
Our hearts throb, hurting painfully

Why. Why. We are stubborn Yes
Stubborn for justice not injustice
Why bring the stubborn ones here
When the Black Goliath ruled
The dead floated on the River Nile
The screams float across the Nile

Ohhh the land of my ancestors
Let us cry to cleanse our land
The confusion, collision, hatred
Believers in all faiths come
The time to clean our selves
The mortal mighty fall, we live on.