By Patrick Edward Musisi, Kkoome islands

Gender, Labour and  Social Development minister Hajat Janat Balunzi Mukwaya has concluded a five-day monitoring and evaluation tour of Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) and Uganda Women’s Entrepreneurship Programme (UWEP) in 10 local governments in Mukono District.
Hajjat Mukwaya visited a piggery project, events firm, rice farm , boda boda and hair saloon enterprises in the sub-counties of Ntenjeru, Naklsunga, Nabbaale, Mpatta, Kkoome, Nama, Kyampisi, Nagojje and Mpunge, and Mukono Municipality.

Minister Mukwaya alighting frompolice boat on arrival at Lwazi landing site in Kkoome

While concluding the visit, Hajjat Mukwaya told beneficiaries to spread the gospel of team work, saying it is the best way to attain success as opposed to working alone.
“In regions such as northern and western Uganda, working together has proved to be a great success unlike in the central region where people prefer to work as individuals,” she said on Saturday.

Mukwaya addressing residents at Kkoome Seed School

Cage farming
The minister also advised district leaders to consider introducing cage farming, especially to youth on the islands.
“These youth took on other enterprises to run away from the wrath of the UPDF anti-illegal fishing operations. My prediction is that they will rush back to the lake as soon as they get the opportunity, and my suggestion is that we let them do it in a sustainable manner,” she said.

Some of the boda boda cycles that the minister commissioned while in Kkoome islands

Mukwaya pointed out that cage farming has proved to be viable in Mayuge, and expressed optimism that it will likewise work well in Kkoome islands.
The Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Fred Katamba responded that the district has the adequate manpower to train the youths in cage farming, and promised that modalities will be put in place for such training to kick off.