By our reporter

Several journalists on social media have blasted the sloppiness of the leadership at the Uganda Journalists Association (UJA).

UJA which is set to elect its new leadership has issued a form for registration of aspirants for the different positions which are falling vacant on Friday, however the form which is less than 25 words has several words spelled incorrectly, one of the cases spelling out the English language challenges facing the journalism profession.

This has led to criticism from several present and former practitioners who have raised concerns on the caliber of people running the association.

Journalists are generally looked at as more learned people, and therefore masters of the English language which is the language of instruction in Uganda. On top of that, good credits in the English language is one of the requirements for admission to the journalism course in any institution worth its name.

UJA’s current president is Robert Kagolo, a radio journalist with Uganda Broadcasting Corporation and was formerly on Supa FM, has not spoken about the matter, but, it should require him to withdraw the form to save the image of the association.

Among the words spelled incorrectly on the form include: “Collect” for “Correct”, “cirtificate” for “certificate”, “deploma” for “diploma”.

President Museveni’s spokesman, cheekily appealed to one of the candidates Lubowa Abubaker (Daily Monitor) to offer a crash grammar course for his secretariat in case he wins the Friday race.

“My friend Lubowa Abubaker while I wish you well in this race, could you consider a crash English grammar/spellings lesson for those in charge of this process?” Wanyama wrote on his wall.

Alfred Geresom Musamali added, “ It all begins with social media. When I insist that people use correct grammar on social media they accuse me of being too elitist. Now see what type of ‘cirtificates’ and ‘deplomas’ we are earning for our ignorance!