By our reporter

The Uganda food festival is set to rock revelers at Uganda Museum starting 21 up to 23 September, 2018.

As we look forward to the 3rd edition of the Uganda International Cultural Fair, food will be the main focus for this year’s celebrations.

All cultures within and beyond Uganda will prepare their cuisines and sell off to revelers in affordable packages called samples.

The most celebrated local foods like Matooke, kalo, luwombo, eshabwe, bbo, marakwanga, malewa, nvuluga among others will be exhibited for three days at Uganda Museum.

International cuisines from different communities including the Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Kenyan, Rwandan, Ethiopian, Mexican among others will be available with samples from as low as shs 1000, this could enable you sample all the cuisines or at least a quarter of them every day for the three days.

Alongside the great cuisines, different communities will showcase their cultural music, dress codes, poetry, Storytelling, comedy, games, technology, ancient beverages/brews and everything that surrounds their ways of living (culture).

Entry fee will be 5k for adults and 2k for kids.

Miss if you must.