By Watchdog reporter

Embattled state minister for primary health care Sarah Opendi has no kind words for NRM electoral commission chairman Dr Tanga Odoi.
Opendi blames Odoi for fighting her to the extent court cancelled her election for Tororo district woman MP and ordered a byelection for her seat.
Opendi told CBS fm this morning that Dr Tanga Odoi hates her because he wants to be the only bull in Tororo politics and that’s why he was sponsoring rivals against her.
The second minister to lose her seat in this term says Odoi is envious of her appointment as minister and assured him that she was going to appeal the decision of the court she claims was biased against her because of Odoi influence.
Opendi who is with Dr Tanga in Kyankwazi for a retreat for ministers, permanent Secretaries and top party brass says, she met Tanga but he doesn’t want to talk or even look at her.
President Museveni has mediated the fights between the two unsuccessfully. Disappointed that she’s being fought by party insiders, Opendi has sworn that she will fight on until she defeats Dr Tanga who she says is as mannerless as a spiteful dog.