By Edwin Muzahura

It’s a brand new day regardless of what happened in Gabon last evening.

What’s bothering me is rather different!
This ongoing heat wave requires both short and long term solutions.

It’s becoming dangerously hot and the drought outcome shall be biting for the whole year. Hunger will be here and its effects.

Cabinet must act now. A Bill with serious interventions should be tabled on how we must mitigate this crisis.

In the short term let’s revisit Nema’s role and mandate. Have we empowered them enough to do their job? Do we actually need them?
All swamps are literally gone under their watchful eye! So what’s the problem?

Is their job to give out Environmental Assessment Reports and Certificates for use in these ecologically would be protected places? This is a big joke.
So we either restructure Nema, give them enough resources and mandate or we disband it and create a new responsive agency.

In the medium and long term we must start a National campaign to re-plant tress.
All bare hills must be planted with relevant tree species that are compatible with the soil system and NFA should facilitate this.

All bare Government land should be planted with trees and so should happen for all road reserves where we don’t expect to expand road networks soon.

This policy should cascade to individual families by law. Every homestead should as a must have trees planted in their land and boundaries.

Local Governments should enforce this. The Katikiro of Buganda has done a great job with his tree campaign but needs to be widened beyond a marriage introduction ceremony.

All land under protected areas and wet lands must without compromise be reclaimed and rehabilitated.
All these initiatives must be supported by enacting enabling laws by Parliament and Cabinet.

This is our country and home we can’t afford to sit here looking at each other yawning as it burns under careless destruction by those who are supposed to protect it. Nooooooo.

What will our children and grandchildren inherit of this nonsense?

Complaining and fixing Air Conditioning systems in our homes??? Hell no!

Reduce all taxes on cooking gas, introduce biogas technology in all homesteads that have animal dug instead of charcoal and firewood.

Ban charcoal production in all protected forest reserves immediately and introduce alternative affordable energy systems like solar heating systems and eco friendly measures.

These are issues we should concern ourselves with as a Government please and they are possible.
Otherwise Uganda the great Pearl shall be no more in about 25yrs.

We must act now or we are slowly, surely and steadily headed for doom.

The writer is a concerned citizen.