People power fanatics and indeed its leaders commit countless errors, ironically they have no fundamental difference from the people in power. They commit a logical fallacy of damning the alternative and unknowingly think that just because your opponent’s idea is wrong or immoral makes your argument any better.

Let me tell you this, you can both be wrong and indeed you have proved to all fair minded people that you are both wrong. The other logical fallacy you commit is that you are insulated from alternatives.

You tend to think that those with different views are immoral, wrong, bought and you call them all sorts of names you can come up with. Just like your opponents, you use Bacculum Argumentum ad which appeals to force, other than reason (the difference is in tools used; the people in power use guns and tear gas and people power uses stones and bottles), you are fond of attacking the arguer and not the argument, you say the people in power don’t listen and you yourself don’t listen.

In the words of St Paul to the Galatians, he asked “who bewitched you?”