By Najibu Mulema The state minister for higher Education, Dr John Chrysestom Muyingo is worried about the rising culture of defiance in schools and other institutions of learning saying such behaviour is likely to end into trouble and moral decadence.
Dr Muyingo was speaking at Ankole Western University during the 5th graduation ceremony in Shema district.
He said, there’s a culture of resistance and defiance in educational establishments citing Makerere University which was closed because it had became unmanageable and Bridge International Academies who he says resisted lawful orders and stormed parliament.
Muyingo added that absence of dialogue has resulted into several disagreements and lack of consciousness in schools leading to strikes.
He asked the 555 graduates to use education to change their homes, villages and country asserting that people should not listen to those saying education is expensive.
The Archbishop,Stanley Ntagali who is the chancellor of the University said, education is a great tool that can be used in fighting ignorance and promoting growth.