By Edith Byanyima

Mathew, Joseph, Cynthia are all charged with the murder . All three shot him and killed him.
It is time that we their relatives and friends begin to demand for their fair trial which includes a speedy and open trial now. I have had enough of innuendos, intimidation, manipulation and mob justice. I begin today to demand a fair trial for my nephews and their friend. Justice for Akena cannot be obtained by committing injustice to others.

Does Winnie Byanyima need to be associated to a party that denies her liberty to meet her obligations within her family? I do not think that she needs it. Such a party would be despicable.

She made her choice loud and clear and is happy with it. My sister is happy with her decision based on her values. You may not like it and that is okay too . You are not required to share her values. A fair trial is good for everyone. I am sure that this is what any right thinking Ugandan wants including family abd friends of Akena.

My demand is a reasonable one and not an outburst. I will add nothing else but use legal means to get it.

The suspects were arrested and charged. So I presume that thorough investigations were carried out. If they were not, then it is unfortunate and not fair to take away anyone’s freedoms in the circumstances. The suspects are here and not on the run . So yes, investigations should be conducted thoroughly and in a fair and transparent manner.

I agree that there is so much unfairness in this country and sadly the poor bear this more than the well to do. However, despite what media has been portraying, the Kanyamunyus are not at all well off. Just hardworking young men who until recently were on the right track in the journey of their lives, just as Akena was.

What has happened is a tragedy for all of us. I do not know much about Mato Oput but it would appear that one party would accept guilt which has not happened. The best solution therefore I see in these circumstances is a quick and fair trial in an open court in order to avoid prolonged interference. It is not fair to try a case on social media and then expect the Courts to come and endorse what such media is supporting,

You probably also need to know that Winnie is not a mere Aunty. She is a mother because the boys were left to us when their father was murdered and mother died prematurely. That role cannot be delegated. Finally I will eskew rumours about our son’s bad repute and choose not to attack anyone’s character, because while we too have access to the arsenal of bad stuff , none of it will add value to the legal solution that we are seeking.

I agree that the Kanyamunyus need to do more than defend themselves against a murder charge. The presumption of innocence until proved guilty has been thrown to the winds. This is why we should continue to call for a fair trial. It is a good starting point that they did not run away and are already charged. Now let them exercise their rights to defend themselves in a fair trial. We may need to petition for this.