By Watchdog reporter

Musician Eddy Kenzo has donated a luxurious carpet to Masaka mosque in appreciation for the ‘duas’ they offered him that enabled him staging successful concerts in Masaka and Dubai.

Recently the BET winner, had a concert in Masaka, but before going on stage, he decided to first go for prayers. On reaching in the mosque, he found when Muslims had already finished praying so he decided to conduct a lone prayer.

During his prayer, the sheikh started asking Muslims for contributions towards the mosque mats but the there was less response until Kenzo came out and pledged to buy a carpet for the mosque.

Drama came when; the sheikh started praising God asking Him to bless the musician. During that time a section of muslims refused to conduct a ‘dua’ for Kenzo stating that they can’t pray for a person who is taken by the earthly deeds.

But after some time, the muslims agreed that they should pray for him on grounds that he is still a good muslim though he commits some mistakes.

After the ‘dua’ Kenzo was able to stage successful concerts both in Masaka and Dubai.

As a way of appreciating the ‘sitya loss’ singer donated an expensive carpet which fits the whole mosque.