By Najibu Mulema

Celebrated musician,BET winner Eddy kenzo is in serious trouble after impregnating one of his dancers Hasfa Nabakooza commonly known as Eva’ The dancer’.
Eva who already has one child,her latest pregnancy was first known in August this year but the father was not yet identified until the dancer went to one of Kenzo’s managers known as Santos and narrated all her love affairs with the musician and how he made her pregnant.
Eva told Santos that when she told Kenzo that she was pregnant for him, he prohibited her from telling anyone.She further said that kenzo and her have been in a serious relationship for a very long time, enjoying the goodies behind Rema Namakula’s back( Rema is Kenzo’s wife).
On learning about this,Santos went ahead to tell all his friends in the big talent management about their boss’s dirty secret.In the due process Rema heard about the rumour and she got so furious.
Rema asked her husband whether he knew about it which allegations Kenzo refuted whole heartedly.This further annoyed the mother of his child,and its anticipated that anytime Rema may end her relationship with the ‘playboy’ musician.
Eva ‘the dancer’ got into limelight when she seductively twerked in Ziza Bafana’s music video dubbed as ‘pomini’.In this video Eva danced and left many men yearning for more..She has featured in many other local music videos like kenzo’s freestyle.