By Allen Kisakye

Eddie Kenzo has been there. And done that. From as far as And or as near as Ankole, everyone has listened to and danced to ‘Sitya Loss’. Well, because we don’t fear to lose.

This here is probably the reason why he thinks haters are out to get a piece of him.

The singer, who returned to Uganda in time for Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga concert, due Saturday, November 10, said he is being fought by chaps older than him because he is famous and successful. And rich!

Kenzo, who was on Spark TV’s Mwasuze Mutya said fellow artistes who started singing before him, are envious of him, and feel defeated so they started fighting him.

‘There’s a lot of hate in the music and media industry,” he told hostess Faridah Nakazibwe.

“No one wants to celebrate me. I even fear to hold a concert in my backyard or Kyadondo.”

According to Kenzo if he holds a concert in Kampala his enemies will sabortage the show to pull him down.

“They ignored me, laughed at me and now they are fighting me,” Kenzo said.

Kenzo, who has been singing for close to a decade, says he is more appreciated abroad than in Uganda.
But, his enemies will be finally defeated.

“I have good music, but radio and television stations don’t play my music because my enemies have compromised the media industry.”

He listed Spark TV, on which he appeared as one of the culprit television stations.

Top on the list of Kenzo haters is Bebe Cool who called him a ‘dancer’, while he was still up coming.

“Bebe Cool said while on Dembe FM that I was not artiste but a dancer. He even called me a joker,” said Kenzo, who was groomed at Bobi Wine’s Fire Base.