By Watchdog reporter
Monday is the first day of the week but usually it is a slow and boring day. It was not the case this Monday as EcoBank rolled out a door to door campaign to raise money for cash strapped Cranes.

Hundreds of pretty young women moved from one company after the other recruiting well wishers on the drive to raise over a billion shillings needed to stay Cranes without the chronic money woes it faces at every turn.

EcoBank says they are raising money to meet those necessities that Fufa may not honour as the government that promised funds has not yet fulfilled their obligations with a few days left to the kick off of the biggest football tournament on the continent, which Cranes is participating in for the first in 39 years.

Kennedy Mbayo Ecobank’s head of Public Sector says all their bank branches were accepting contributions from individuals and organizations since they know the need for the team was dire. Abel Nyanga, director of finance Cranes was now everyone’s business since they are representing the country at the highest level so far.