By Watchdog reporter

Ecobank has kicked off a campaign to come to the aid of Uganda Cranes, ahead of their first game in Gabon.

Cranes which is participating in the most prestigious soccer tournament on the continent for the first time in 39 years, is currently camping in Dubai but seriously strained by resources.

Ecobank in response is calling upon wellwishers and fans of the national team, to join in raising the money required to keep the spirits of the teammates high.

Cranes went to Dubai where they are camping with other teams who are taking part in this year’s continental soccer tournament.

Whereas teams from broke countries like Zimbabwe were send off with $3.1 million or ivory coast which is facilitated at a tune of $6 million, The Cranes is struggling.

Our sources say the government has not yet honoured its commitment to the national team, and even tickets to Tunisia were booked on the last minute. Moreso, they have not paid their hotel bills in Dubai in full.

The private initiative of the bank to involve Ugandans to raise money for Uganda Cranes is premised on the fact that Ugandans love their team to succeed and not be held back over money.

Ecobank’s head of Public Sector Kennedy Mbayo told reporters on Saturday that all bank branches are accepting contributions from the public and an officer has been dedicated to this campaign.

Mbayo says there will be another team moving to different companies and renown Cranes supporters, to commit them to contribute.

Abel Nyanga, head of finance at the Ecobank asked individual Ugandans to put in whatever they can to ensure the team was well facilitated. He said ideally sh6 billion is needed, but insisted that this rate, anything is important for the team.

Ecobank has been running a campaign where those who support the Cranes stand a chance to win fully paid trip for Afcon in Gabon.