By Watchdog reporter

South Sudan representatives at the East African Legislative Assembly will take longer to join their colleagues who were sworn in recently, until a challenge on their selection to join the EALA club is settled.

A South Sudanese lawyer Santino Wani, according to Eye Radio, has challenged the selection of nine MPs saying it was against the EAC regulations. He says that South Sudan did not use the EAC regulation which stipulates that MPs representing their countries are elected democratically.

The East African Court of Justice stopped the swearing in of the MPs and scheduled a hearing on the petition on Thursday in Arusha, Tanzania.

Wani says the EALA speaker and ECA secretary general have been notified.

“The speaker of EALA has been notified that there is a case against the government (South Sudan) and these people (MPs) shouldn’t be sworn in. And then the secretary general of the EAC has been notified with the copy of the order,” he says.