By Watchdog reporter

Now we are starting to believe that Senior Presidential Advisor on Media issues, Tamale Mirundi, is a drunkard who has crossed the line.

Today on NBS TV’s show ‘One on One with Tamale Mirundi’, the political analyst did the unbelievable when he gathered all his strength to threaten the safety of his moderator Simon Muyanga Lutaaya live on TV. A footage circulating shows Mirundi on his feet in the studio as if threatening to walk out, and in the process, crosses the safety gap of his moderator on what some call a ‘slap’.

The incident came after Muyanga Lutaaya asked Tamale about his lease title from Buganda Land Board, given the fact he is opposed to the announcement that Buganda has a program to give bibanja owners 49 year old leases.

We don’t know where he got all that repulsive anger from, all we know is that Tamale hates Mengo and its leaders especially premier Charles Peter Mayiga with a passion.

For long, the former presidential press secretary has been warning Lutaaya that one day he will punch him for asking him unnecessary questions! Now he has done it.

It should be noted that Tamale Mirundi is a strong critic of the ‘kyapa mungalo’ campaign which is being spearheaded by Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga.

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