By our reporter

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen Edward Kale Kayihura has confirmed that the two foreign nationals who were found in their hotel rooms dead a few days ago succumbed to poison and drugs.

While at Police Headquarters in Naguru on Tuesday addressing the media, Kayihura was accompanied by a team of medics and police pathologist Moses Byaruhanga who revealed that they have already arrested some suspects who are likely to have had a hand in the death of the to foreigners.

“We have made some arrests and we are still in the early stages of interrogating them. This is tragic and we shouldn’t read a lot through it. We should focus on the drugs and how the deceased got them,” said Byaruhanga.

The deceased are 42 year old Tersvouri Toomajuha Petteri, a Finnish national who died at Pearl of Africa Hotel on February 8 and Alex Sebastian, 41, a Sweddish national  who died at Sheraton Hotel on February 6.

The medics led by Dr Kepher Kuchana Kateu   indicated that the dead foreigners had drug overdose of narcotics, biochemicals and alcohol in their bodies.

Dr Kateu said on running tests on stomach contents, blood, urine and liver of Alex Sebastian who died at Sheraton, they found significant amounts of cocaine, morphine, and opioids as well as elements which could be found in pesticides such as Diazinon.

Meanwhile, Kayihura said investigators are trying to establish personalities who could have sneaked, procured the drugs to these foreigners.

In less than a month, three foreign nationals have died in Uganda under unclear circumstances the third one being 61 year old Montie Watson, who was found dead at Bwana Tembo Safari Camp Lodge in Nwoya district last Saturday.

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