By Kiyimba Bruno

Kick boxing star Golola entertained the crowd when he made a rear dance for his opponent for Saturday night’s fight, Umar Semata.

This was during a pre-match conference and weigh in ceremony at Spicy Hotel in Nateete, attended by among others socialite Jack Pemba.

The drama

On the scene first was Moses Golola who came just one minute to the weigh in. Upon arrival, Golola ‘wondered’ where his opponent was.

“It is so funny that the champion arrives first when the one who feels he wants the title is not yet here. What I am not going to do is sit down before he arrives. Actually, let me keep warming up as I wait for him,” said Golola.

That’s when he started air punching as he awaited Semata. He said that Semata has always wanted this fight and now is the time to give him a show.

“I think this Semata is waiting for his PRO Jack Pemba. What’s funny is that Pemba is also waiting for his wife Sheba. But I will not give up let me wait,” the champion joked.

After about 45 minutes of waiting, Golola decided to go and look for Semata.

Enter Semata

Few minutes after Golola had moved out to look for Semata, a jeep arrived. And from it emerged  Pemba, Semata and crew. Indeed, they were late.

Fans then started taunting Semata.

“The man has been here speaking words of fire about you. We want to know what you have to say about Moses Golola,” Fans chanted.

Semata replied: “Thank you all my fans. You have said that the man was here. Where is he?  Tomorrow is the day when I am going to show the world that Golola is not a metal.”

He then went back to chatting with Pemba as they awaited Golola.

Golola’s return

Holding a long Cain and a belt wrapped around  his waist, Golola came back with words sharp enough to scare off any one who did not know his character. Indeed, he stole the show.

“This time I am just going to discipline these people. I hear Semata was waiting for Pemba, before he started a rare dance.

Golola weighed 76.4kg while Semata came in at  76.2kg as they vie for the WKF world boxing championship.