By Watchdog reporter

Dr Stella Nyanzi was summoned to CID offices in Kibuli on Tuesday morning.

However, before she turned herself in, she used the platform to raise attention to a social and noble cause; sanitary pads for girls who cannot afford them.

Millions of Ugandan girls cannot afford sanitary towels, and use very backward methods to pad themselves during menstruation.

Stella, a notorious and frees spirited character on Facebook was allegedly summoned to CID to answer questions regarding her facebook posts regarding President Museveni’s promise to give free sanitary pads to girls in school during his presidential campaigns. The promise was received warmly by people who care about the state of girls in schools and why some keep out of school during their periods.

Nyanzi make a bold statement by asking for support to buy pads which has yielded fruits with over Sh5 million already contributed.

On Tuesday evening, Nyanzi accounted for over Sh2 million on mobile money and over $1000  (Sh3.6 million) from cloud fund platforms.

“Thank you to everyone who has contributed financially towards buying sanitary pads for Uganda’s poor daughters. So far, we have raised UGX.2,462,784/= (Uganda Shillings Two Million Four Hundred and Sixty Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Four) via mobile money on phone number 0771824117, and US$. 1,005 (United States Dollars One Thousand and Five) vis the Go Fund Me page,” she wrote, adding little of what happened while facing police officers.

“I have left the CID Headquarters in Kibuli. Please keep sparing and sharing sanitary pads and menstrual hygiene products. I will continue collecting them until the interrogation ends one day! Let’s do this, people.”