By Watchdog reporter

Notoriously free spirited acamedic Dr Stella Nyanzi is known for speaking her mind unapologetically. She’s loved and hated in equal measures for that. Unfortunately, when she met her match, she never liked her at all.

Nyanzi isn’t afraid to tell anyone her opinion even if it is offensive to that individual. At least that’s what she told us all this while.

Also her vocabulary didn’t have words like “good manners”, at least, from what we know from her relationship with Prof Mahmood Mamdani, or her posts about President Museveni, etc.

That was until she met her equivalent. She didn’t have to go far to meet the person. Not even in South Africa where she relocated after being sacked by Makerere University did she find her equal. It’s here in Kampala she met a girl who put her in her right place. She left nodding her head like a nodding disease patience!!!

As usual, Stella went to her Facebook page to vent out her disappointment. But what she shared with her fans about her encounter with an “ill mannered girl” sounds more or less like her.

Apparently she went visiting someone’s girlfriend.

This dude in South Africa gives her stuff to deliver to his loved ones in Kampala, but the girl friend was courageous to tell Nyanzi that the Stella she knew is always naked. At least Stella got feedback from what the public thinks of her since her nude protest.

Then, the lady who didn’t care Stella had carried her stuff all the way from Madibaland told her the Stella before her was an old woman. She had thought Stella was a youngish woman, possibly from her voice on phone but also from how she conducted herself. Someone her age should not be conducting herself as such. Without removing all the juice from Stella’s story, here’s her post:

“Some Ugandans are shameless. A friend living in South Africa gave me some money and a small package to deliver to his elderly parents in Kampala. He gave me some more money and another bigger package to also give to his girl friend. Their two reactions are very different; one of gratitude, the other rude!

I first went to the parents’ home and they were both delighted to see me, although I was a stranger. The mother offered me some black tea and sweet bananas. The father discussed with me the news that was on their small television. They were truly grateful for their son’s gifts – a long sleeved shirt for the father and a dress for the mother. They took the gifts out of the packaging and tried them on in my presence. The father turned off the television and prayed blessings for me just before I left.

I then went to the girl friend’s house – a two-roomed rented affair. She did not invite me inside, but rather looked me up and down through a separation in her window’s curtain pulled apart with a well-manicured hand.

“Who are you?” She stuck her head out of the window and asked me.

“I am Stella Nyanzi,” I said.

“Huh, you are lying. That one does not wear clothes. If you are selling something, I am not buying. Go away,” she said.

“No. I am not here to sell anything,” I said.

“Eh, now what? What do you want?” She asked me suspiciously.

“I brought your things from South Africa. You directed me here last night,” I said.

“Eh! You do not look like your voice on the phone. You sounded like a small youthful woman, but here I see that you are a big and old woman in a kitengi. Okay. Hand over my things and go” she said as she stuck her hands out through the window.

Too shocked for words, I tiptoed and gave her the package.

“Is this all that he sent? Mmssstewww, some men are not serious!” She said from inside her house.

“Okay, good bye!” She told me.

There was no appreciation. She never thanked me. She never let me into her house! I was shocked by this bad manners. I slowly walked away.”