By Watchdog reporter

Controversial social media activist has once penned shocking words attacking Uganda’s First Lady Janet Museveni. Many Ugandans hold in high esteem Mrs Museveni, who happens to be the Minister of Education and Sports and few have dared throw her into the mud unlike her husband who has endured insults for the last three decades.

However, Stella who became a social media sensation after she starting writing about socially rule breaking poems and articles on her facebook wall, this Wednesday penned another stinking post which has got her readers warn her sternly.

In the post which we cannot reproduce verbatim here because of our editorial standards, she accuses Mrs Museveni of a number of things as a minister of education, but also, for her husband’s failures.

What is however unique about this post, is the reaction of her followers who have asked her to be respectful or watch her back. Others asked to tone down.

Below are some of the comments:
Hannington Kaguruka let’s wait for breaking news about you

Saimo Simons tufudde ehhhh

Byamukama Laban Eh! Stella, Are u a Christian?? Fine your a PHD holder but look here, JESUS says be healed its too much. First lady is a mother, That alone is aground to be respected

Atuhairwe M. Agaba I honestly do not think she deserves such abuse. The fact is that bodabodas are helpful, but they are also a risky means of travel.
Stella Nyanzi Who cares what you think? This is my timeline. I write whatever I choose to write on it.

Mukwaya Ibrahim Mwanyinaze do you posess or own a gun? If not, our battle of the mouth and posts wont subdue the one of a gun or poison. We should find other means of combating this epic regime in a more respectful manner or with a hard-on that fights with weapons but not mouth. These guys don’t understand our mouth language! They term them cheap-talking that’s why they normally call u up when u start yapping and they silence u with money. Talk revolution yagwawo dda!!

Stella Nyanzi Nvaako. Stop denigrating my most powerful weapon. Oba gwe kyendiko tokitegera, bunira. We fight folly with words. I said she is foolish, and I wrote words that would help her understand why we trust our children to bodabodamen.