By Allen Kisakye

On Tuesday, Dr Stella Nyanzi appeared before the Makerere University Appointment Board to answer charges of using social media to insult the First Lady and tarnishing the image of Makerere University. The appearance followed summons sent to her October 16.

As usual, the suspended scholar was not happy with the meeting and has now threatened to drag Makerere University to court for failure to enforce orders by the Staff Appeals Tribunal.

Earlier, the tribunal had directed management of the university to immediately reinstate, Dr Nyanzi at Makerere, saying her suspension was illegal and unlawful. The institution was also ordered to pay her all emoluments.

She has been on indefinite suspension following an attack on the First Lady over ‘incompetence to run the ministry.’

“Yesterday, I gave the university a final notice to this effect. Because I am lenient (even to my oppressors), I gave them two weeks to redeem themselves. If they are wise, they will act accordingly. If they are fools, there is a case of giving them rope to hang themselves. Let the battle of wits ensue,” she posted on Wednesday.

According to Dr Nyanzi, the meeting started 20 minutes late.

“Their tardy members merely sauntered into the meeting room without apology. The chair was so unprofessional that he variously informally referred to me as Dr. Stella, I boldly corrected him by demanding that he refers to me using my title and surname as Dr Nyanzi,” says Dr. Nyanzi

She also adds that the tribunals senior lawyer did not know the basics of her case.