By our reporter

Dr Kizza Besigye has footed the medical bills of Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke following the Medical Board’s failure to pay the dues on time.

Nambooze who was operated on her back on Wednesday morning, was flown to India confined in a wheelchair as she could not move her spinal cord after a confrontation with security officers at parliament in September.

The Mukono legislator was billed more than UGX200 million and Besigye who has before paid some of her hospital bills when she was down with bile complication, once again has returned to her aid.

Besigye, a personal friend of Nambooze, has been advising Nambooze now and then on which specialists to see to keep her health in good shape.

This website understands that whereas Nambooze’s medical bills are cleared by the FDC leader, the rest of her upkeep is being taken care of by officials in Mengo and Buganda well-wishers and friends.

Nambooze cut her political teeth as a proponent for Mengo agenda, using her journalism and speech talents to speak out against ills of government and offering views which were seen as Mengo sanctioned.

Nambooze who is being looked after by her husband Bakireke and one of her daughters, is responding to medication according to sources at the Indian hospital. We understand she has lost some bones in the process but this website has been told she will be alright.

Watchdog Uganda understands that when Nambooze regained her conscious, she reached out to her facebook page which actively uses to communicate to her followers to say she is well.

“Praise be to God, I have woken up from the Medical sleep….I praise you Lord,” she wrote. She also addressed Dr Besigye saying, “And Dr. Besigye,You are really the people’s President….thank you my President, I didn’t vote in vain….am successfully back from surgery…on 27th September I went to Parliament with a backbone… Today I have a back metal…. they stole my vote and they have stolen my back as they fight to impose themselves in power and stay in leadership in a country where they can’t even treat a Member of Parliament BUT the struggle is still on you till we regain freedom for Uganda.”