By Watchdog reporter

Democratic party vice president Fred Mukasa Mbidde was on Thursday morning at the office of the Inspector General of Police to enlist Gen Kale Kayihura’s help to block his counterpart Betty Nambooze from holding her planned meeting on Friday.

Mbidde and his boss Norbert Mao have been opposed to the meeting at Sharing Center in Nsambya but police had given Nambooze a go ahead to host Buganda delegates to make a roadmap for the region in their party.

Police reversed its earlier position after the Thursday meeting between Kayihura and Mbidde.

Police has told Nambooze not to hold the meeting as it was not agreed upon by the bosses of her party.

Nambooze however insists her Buganda conference will take place.

Yesterday, Watchdog was tipped that Mbidde group were mobilizing youth to disorganize the meeting.