By our reporter

Unconfirmed reports indicate that suspects accused of murdering an Eritrean businessman have already disappeared from the custody of Uganda Police.

Lumu Benon Duncan, a lawyer and Captain Bumali Mangeni alias Hakeem,a UPDF soldier were last year arrested after being suspected of murdering Daniel Weldo Okuba Michael in October 2016.

The two suspects were arrested by Police Flying Squad and have since been in the custody of Police.

However, unconfirmed reports indicate that Lumu  and Mangeni  have gone missing under unclear circumstances amidst talk by the Director Public Prosecution (DPP) to recall the case file.

We tried to reach the police authorities for clarity but they didn’t pick our calls.

Daniel Weldo, the proprietor of Amma Company Limited was kidnapped from his office in Bugolobi on October 27.  He was put on gunpoint and ordered to sign documents authorizing the transfer of all his money of about shs7 billion from different bank accounts.

He was later driven at night through Busia border point by the suspects and upon crossing the border, Weldo was told to continue to Kenya and go back to Eritrea, but as they wrestled with him, Capt Bumali fired bullets which ended his life. His body was dumped in the bushes on the Kenyan side where it was found rotting.

Before coming to Uganda, the deceased first operated from South Sudan until the war in the country intensified thus forcing him to relocate.