Uganda Young Democrats (UYD)in the Greater Masaka region today at 11pm are going to hold a press conference at Tropic Inn Hotel to discuss the burning issues surrounding the Democratic Party (DP).

Notably , the youth leaders want to oust the current DP National chairperson, Muhammad Kezaala whom they allege that he sold the party to the incumbent NRM party and that is why he was appointed as a Deputy Ambassador as a reward.

The former mayor of Jinja Municipality who last year lost the mayoral seat to his seat to perennial rival, NRM’s Majid Batambuze was on Friday appointed by President Yoweri Museveni as the deputy Ambassador to a yet to be designated place which has not been welcomed by the party which he heads.

“We want to tell Mr. Kezaala to step down as a DP National Chairperson as soon as possible,” One of the leaders of UYD said.