By Stephen Kalema

Democratic Party president general, Norbert Mao has called for immediate actions upon resettlement of Bududa people.

“We propose that the government should declare some places out of bounds and enforce that declaration since I am very sure not all of the Bududa district is prone to such disasters,” Mao said on Tuesday while addressing the media.
Over 40 people are feared dead after a landslide last week hit Suume village in Bududa district.
Mao again advised government to carry out vigorous sensitisations to over come the issue of resistance from the local people.
“This is a matter of public education and mutual sensitisation since naturally people will hesitate because there those people who believe that unless they are buried in their ancestral homes their souls will not rest in peace. There are those who believe if they move to settle in another areas their crops will not grow,” said Mao.
According to Mao, Bududa people should know that all land is land. Bududa people should be educated that all land is equal.