By Watchdog reporter

Today morning police have arrested the Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao while launching age limit campaign dubbed ‘Kogikwatako’ campaign aimed at opposing the lift of Presidential age limit.

Mao was rounded up together with a number of DP leaders including the Ag Secretary General, outside the party offices at City House.

Mao was apprehended by anti-riot police headed by Central Police Station Division Commander who whisked him to CPS cells for interrogation.

“I don’t have any problem and what we are doing is very lawful. I don’t know why we are being arrested, we are only making sure the constitution is not changed to favour the current president in the presidential age limit bill,” said Mao.

Kampala metropolitan spokesperson Emilian Kayima confirmed the veteran politician’s arrested added that they were going to charge with illegal procession.

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