By Watchdog reporter

A section of Democratic Party (DP) members have pleaded to Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze to help them throw Party President Norbert Mao and his vice Mukasa Mbidde out of City House.

In a heated discussion, the DP-Muduuma sub branch who visited Nambooze at her home during the weekend, asked her to continue making reforms which shall see Mao and Mbidde out of Uganda’s oldest political party.

The members further appreciated Nambooze and gave her gifts for the job well done.

She posted on her wall after the visit “DP-Muduuma sub branch have come to my home in a big way….am so honoured and will continue pursuing reforms in our party….we shall keep our eyes on the ball and won’t anyone to divert us,”

Recently Nambooze declared herself the leader of the “bad DP.” Those who believe in her have since denounced Mao for tolerating the ever growing number of “good DPs” in the party.

Apparently members of the “Bad DP” accuse Mao and Mbidde of being the root cause of misery surrounded the party. They say the Party President is trying to find ways of sinking DP in favor of President Yoweri Museveni.

Nambooze is being backed up by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Medard Seggona, Moses Kasibante and Mathias Mpuuga to ensure that the party is back to its old norms so that it could regain its prestige.