By Najibu Mulema

A faction of Democratic Party officials is is disagreement, protesting against Party President, Norbert Mao’s decision where he appointed Dr. Gerald Siranda as the acting party Secretary General and endorsing Fred Mukasa Mbidde as the party’s sole candidate in the East African Legislative Assembly ( EALA) forcoming elections.

According to Busiro East MP also party member,Medard Ssegona, Mao acted beyond his mandate to select the duo without the party members approval.

Ssegona says the power to select party leaders is vested in the party’s National Executive Committee and not by the party president.

It should be noted on 28 December, 2016, following the death of Mathias Nsubuga who was the secretary General,  Mao appointed Siranda as the acting Secretary General and that he was to serve for one year until the party elects a new official in that position.

Ssegona’s discontent comes after the party chairperson Muhammad Kezaala and sections of Uganda Young Democrats also expressed their disagreement against the appointment.