By Watchdog reporter

Ever since Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze started her campaign of making Democratic Party (DP) great again against the party President Norbert Mao’s will, things have not been that easy for her.

Mao , his vice Mukasa Mbidde and the Secretary General Siranda Blacks through police have halted her every move to the extend of tormenting her.

On Sunday, Police sealed off Uganda College of Commerce amidst reports that the Institute’s ‘Nkobazambogo’ Association had invited the Buganda Vice DP chairperson to attend its Leadership handover ceremony.

So to quickly restrain from any further blockage, a section of DP members have decided to pen down a request to Siranda to inform and request Mao to allow her attend a burial ceremony of Palagio Namatovu a mother to Florence Namayanja, the Bukoto East MP.

Requesting Letter;

To the Ag Secretary General
Mr.Siranda Blacks
City House, K’la

Dear Sir request for
Clearance to go for burial of Palagio Namatovu

With deep sorrow we have heard of the untimely death of mother to our Hon.Namayanja

This is to inform and humbly request you to allow us travel with Hon Nambooze for her burial as per DP constitution article 27 that gives the president powers over members movements.

While there we shall cry, drink porridge, dig the grave and greet DP members we may meet if you allow.

We promise not to cry like Baganda for fear of being called tribalists by his excellency the President general.

Kindly convey our request to Kaihura, Mbidde and Mao.

Hoping for no teargas, Kifeesi or rubber bullets after this request in 24hrs.

Hoping for a quick response. Yours, members of your party from Buganda.

C.c Mufumbiro
C.c Ssembajwe
C.c Okidi
C.c Dick Lukyamuzi