By Najibu Mulema

Former Jinja Municipal mayor and Democratic Party National chairman Muhammad Baswari Kezaala has resigned from his Position to take up President Yoweri Museveni’s Deputy Ambassadorial Job.

In a letter sent to Deputy Secretary General, Kezaala said he has been proposed for the position in the diplomatic Service of Uganda as Deputy Ambassador, a position that requires one to serve Ugandan mission outside the country.

“I have not been officially communicated to, but since last Friday’s pronouncement of the Ambassadorial proposals, the subject matter has raised a lot of anxiety in the Democratic Party as a result I would wish to state as follow,” letter partly reads.

According to Kezaala, this being a civil service job which naturally should require partisanship and for the fact that he may not be available, he will be unable to serve DP as a party in the capacity of a National Chairman.

“Accordingly allow me to tender in my resignation from the position of a National chairman with immediate effect,” He noted.

“I started active participation in the Democratic Party activities at school and thereafter with the Uganda Young Democrats in 1995. Since then, I have enjoyed the best of the political relationships and immeasurable political growth to the level of serving as the party’s national chairperson,” Kezaala added.

Last week, Kezaala was among the 37 people appointed by President Museveni to serve as Ambassadors.