By Kiyimba Bruno

President Yoweri Museveni closed Makerere University to defense of his wife and minister of Education.

The President gave a directive closing Makerere University last week.

According to the Democratic Party, President Museveni as a visitor at the university is mandated by the University and other Tertiary Institutions Act to carry out a supervisory role among other responsibilities.

His action was a sign that he has not only failed as President of Uganda but also in other minor capacities.

Mr Kakande, the party publicist, continued to say that the problem of Makerere University is not maladministration; the biggest challenge of the University is lack of funds.

He explained that private students are stopped from sitting for exams unless they have cleared full tuition fees.

However “the problem comes in as a result of Government sponsored students and the dubious State House sponsored students,” he added.

He said the responsible parties have failed to remit their fees in time henceforth leaving the University planning and Management in impasse.