By Arinda W Nsheeka

The member of parliament for Buhweju county Francis Mwijukye has advised the people of Rukungiri district not to vote for Winnie Matsiiko(NRM) because she voted “yes” to amend article 102(b) of the Uganda constitution on 20th Dec 2017.

Matsiko was among the 317 legislators who voted in favor of amending the constitution.

Francis Mwijukye said that the Thursday of 31st May will be a historical day in Rukungiri district.

“We have so many days in a year, and the 31st of of May has been given to you to decide on the person to represent your views in the parliament. Spare it for Betty Muzanira,” he advised.

He accused Matsiko of voting “yes” in parliament when the people wanted a big “no”.

“I heard that Matsiko came here in Buhunga and asked you if you want the constitution to be amended and you all said no, where did she get power to say people of Buhunga, Rukungiri want the constitution to be amended?” he asked.

Mwijukye said all this on Monday while campaigning for Muzanira in Buhunga Sub County, Rukungiri district. He was accompanied by Rukungiri Municipality MP, Rolland Mugume Kaginda, Buhweju MP, and FDC’s national secretary for mobilization Ingrid Turinawe among the others.

The Rukingiri By-Election is slated for May 31st, 2018.