By Kiyimba Bruno

The Chief Executive Officer for Bungabet Uganda Mr. Prosper Tuhaise has urged youths not to take betting as a job.

Speaking this,Tuhaise was at his office in Kampala where he said that many youths think betting is a job yet it’s something for  leisure.

Tuhaise added that betting is something that is  good for everyones health more especially the brain since one thinks on the best side where to place a bet.

The CEO was not happy with today’s youths who don’t want to save anything but end up investing all their earnings in betting.

On this note Tuhaise urged all youths to invest heavily in avenues like land which will enable them yield some good amount of money after  a given period of time.

“When you have earned something enough that’s when you can bet. But I cant advise you to bet when your family does not have what to eat.” Said Tuhaise

Tuhaise urged people not to simply trust any betting company that comes up but to trust a company with a reason.

With the Motto “Bet Uganda build Uganda”, the CEO advised everyone to trust Bungabet Uganda since it is the only company that has good reasons for making Ugandans richer.