By Watchdog reporter

Minister without Portfolio Hajj Abdul Nadduli has told religious leaders to stop shouting for NRM anti-age limit agents thus advising them to go to the bush and fight in case they are not agreeing with the lifting of age limit.

“Don’t shout for us. Go to the bush and fight if you can. No one sent us to the bush; people just heard that we are in the bush. We didn’t shout for people like these ones.” He said.

Nadduli said this while briefing journalists about the need to amend Article 102 (b) of the Constitution on Tuesday.

He said although it is within their realm to talk about politics, religious leaders should not forget what happened to Janan Luwum, the former archbishop of the Church of Uganda.

“Is there anyone among those religious leaders, who doesn’t go to President Museveni? Why don’t they refuse the cars that Museveni gives them? This is their chance to talk about politics, but they should not forget that Janan Luwum was killed,” Nadduli threatened.

The minister’s comment comes at a moment when  religious leaders under their umbrella body, the Inter- Religious Council are urging government to conduct a referendum to decide on age limit.