By Najibu Mulema

Housing minister has told tenants to stop paying rent in US dollars.

While addressing the press at Uganda Media Centre, state minister for Housing and Urban Planning, Dr Chris Baryomunsi showed great concern about the unfair treatment and exploitation of tenants by the owners of commercial buildings.

Dr Baryomunsi said the government is bringing up a new law any time prohibiting property owners from charging rent in US dollars. He also says no more increment in rent rates like it has been. It should be noted the commercial buildings bosses change rent rates whenever they feel like which negatively affect tenants in terms of finance.

This development came after a long struggle by the tenants complaining to the government about the high rates of rent levied against them by the “heartless” landlords.

Further, Dr Baryomunsi said the government is planning to build apartments for civil servants starting with the police, doctors and teachers where they will be required to pay in installments.