President Yoweri Museveni has urged all Ugandans, especially Members of Parliament, whose mandate is derived from the democratic principles that were brought about by the sacrifices of Movement freedom fighters, to respect the will of Ugandans and exercise their legislative power peacefully, honourably without intimidating or infringing on the right and freedoms of other Ugandans.

Addressing a public rally on Thursday at Karambi Sub-County headquarters of Burahya County, Kabarole district in the Rwenzori Sub-Region, President Museveni said that the National Resistance Movement/ National Resistance Army (NRM/NRA) freedom fighters shed blood to bring about democracy and guarantee people’s freedoms.

He, therefore, wondered why some people, especially those in the leadership echelons,  are using intimidation instead of democratically and peacefully discussing all matters of national importance following democratic principles.

Mr. Museveni urged those in leadership positions, especially Members of Parliament, to live by example and use democratic language to forge national unity, adding that that was the reason why the freedom fighters went to the bush and restored the legislative arm of government in 1989 that had been dissolved by the Amin regime in 1972.

“Uganda’s democracy is a product of the blood and sacrifices of the freedom fighters that fought for freedom for all Ugandans and so it is not right for a particular group of people to intimidate, harass or deny others the exercising of their right on account of holding dissenting views,” he said.

The President assured Ugandans that they are free to exercise their democratic freedom as long as the Movement is still in leadership. He also assured them of peace and security in the country and urged the people of the Rwenzori Region in Western Uganda who have been victims of insecurity to be the disciples of peace.

“The Rwenzori Region where you live, is a very difficult area that is cold and difficult terrain. You also neighbour the DRC that has all types of criminals and rebel groups; but we have managed to pacify the Region that no other government managed to pacify since independence. I want to salute the Army that even if they are not well paid and work in difficult conditions, they have managed to secure the country and guarantee the peace we are enjoying,” he said.

On development programmes, President Museveni said that the country is on the right development track but stressed that because of inadequate resources, the Movement has been developing the country through prioritisation. He assured citizens of Uganda that even the undone programmes will be attended to.

Turning to medical doctors who are on strike, President Museveni said that he has felt a sense of betrayal by the medical professionals because he had instructed for enhanced remuneration of all scientists working with the government, medical doctors inclusive, but wondered why the medical workers wanted preferential treatment from others.

He advised the medical doctors to go back to work and await a report by the Public Service Salaries’ Commission that will streamline salaries of all public servants. He saluted the medical workers of Kabarole for not engaging in the industrial action.

President Museveni appealed to the people of Kabarole district to differentiate between government development programmes and household income. He urged wananchi to work and extradite themselves out of poverty. He urged Movement leaders to be model farmers to others by engaging in modern agriculture.

He said that engaging in commercial production will not only enable wananchi get rid of household poverty but also generate employment opportunities for the unemployed youth.

Burahya County MP, Hon. Margret Muhanga, said that basing on the on-going consultation on the proposed constitution amendment to scrap the presidential age limit, the people and leadership of her constituency are undivided and support the proposed amendment.

He commended the Movement Government for a number of development programmes in Burahya Constituency in particular and and Kabarole district in general. She reported that the Movement enjoys majority support in Kabarole district.