By watchdog reporter

On Thursday, the commission into land acquisition and management led by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire announced that it will be taking a break after it running out of funds.

Bamugemereire told journalists at the commission’s offices in Kampala that a lot of the commission’s work could not proceed due to lack of funds.

Out of Shs17 billion budget presented to the Ministry of Finance for its work for six months, the commission was given  Shs2.5 billion for the first quarter.

However, the state minster for lands, Persis Namuganza has re-assured of government’s commitment to provide the required funds for the Lands Inquiry Commission to resume its public hearings into land conflicts, land acquisition, Administration, Land Management as well as land registration in Uganda.

Namuganza said the government has already started processing funds to enable the committee finish with its work.

She  also said that the commission has been requested to use”in camera” proceedings for some witnesses who may be too scared to give evidence due to fear of being identified and targeted after the proceedings conclude.

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