By Moses Ntare

The  Pastor of Seventh Day Adventist Church Uganda South Western Uganda field Kikoni James Mugisha has challenged  the young people against the current tide of lavish weddings that often leaves newly married couples in debts and in misery.

Pastor Mugisha noted that some people have the culture of borrowing money to fund wedding ceremonies in order to suit in the society they live in thus spending beyond their means while languishing in poverty.

He said that this culture of band wagon must stop saying that it resulted into marriage breakdown before its first anniversary.

Pastor Mugisha was speaking at the closure of a weeklong Seventh day Adventist Camp Meeting (Obugyenyi bwensisira) held at Kikoni Seventh Day Adventist Church Ntungamo district under the theme ‘’growing deep in Christ’’.

He noted that many Christians borrow money in order to have expensive weddings and fail to pay back loans saying that weddings don’t mean big parties it’s about exchanging vows between man, woman and God.

During the weeklong camp Meeting which attracted over 300 Christians, Tumusiime Jonathan and Stella Kyomukama exchanged vows and the party was prepared by Christians at the church without any cost.

While preaching, Pastor Sebukara John from Kisoro District tasked believers to stand firm in Christ if they are to grow spiritually, physically and economically.

Pastor Sebukara reminded them that the way to kingdom of Heaven should be prepared early and their decision will either take them to paradise or hell.

Twenty one Christians were baptized in the Adventist faith.