By Hon. Hussein Kyanjo (Retired MP, Makindye West)

Throughout history Dr Museveni has distinguished himself as a deliberate hater of both Islam and Muslims and he accommodates them just as a matter of convenience or where inevitable.
Dr Museveni left Uganda on the second day of Amin’s rule. What study had he made of the leadership of Amin in one day except the inherent hatred. Dr Museveni recruited Muslims to fight Amin and he dumped them after victory- these included Abas Kibazo Shk Zubair Bakari Mashoor Haj Kibuye and others.

Dr Museveni created a Christian Muslim group to dupe the Muslim world especially Col Gadhaffi it included himself as Kassim then Hon Amama Mbabazi as Ahmed, his young brother George Akandwanaho as Salim Saleh; he created Chefe Ali, Shaban Bantariza and many others.

When the Amin regime collapsed, Dr Museveni was the next Minister of defence in the UNLA Govt. Many Muslims were murdered in greater Mbarara and West Nile Dr Museveni is alleged to have had knowledge of the murders but he has never explained himself clean over this issue.
When he was fighting the Obote Govt. a group of Muslims were murdered in a mosque in Bulo Butambala accused of supporting Obote.

These deaths have never been explained till this date. When ADF camps were overrun many young boys and girls were captured. So many got lost and there has never been a proper account of them. Those who were detained at Luzira were persuaded to apply for amnesty and those who accepted were released on condition that they get conscripted in the state secret service. They started reporting against their fellows and when information dried up now we see one by one being eliminated.

Dr Museveni mocked Muslims that he was going to unite them, he formed the Kabwegere committee and that was the end of the story.

Dr Museveni went to Somalia to further the interests of foreign powers and enrich himself. The repeated reports of atrocities by Ugandan soldiers are amazing. The Somali elite have not understood the Dr’s aim but shortly they will know.

When the Lugogo/Kabalagala bombings happened many Muslims were rounded up. For every murder of a Muslim cleric fellow Muslims have been arrested.

When Joan Kagezi was murdered again it was Muslims who qualified as suspects.

When AIGP Kaweesi was assassinated still the Muslims formed the bulk of suspects.

Now for every political murder, the primary qualification for one to be suspected is to be a Muslim whether you are an adult or child.


To the non-Muslim brothers and sisters. This is a deliberate plan to create enmity between Muslims and Christians but we assure you that we all grew up in multi religious families and we studied, work and live together with non Muslims so please don’t you accept this manipulation.

To the Muslims. Better wake up Dr Museveni will never like you whatever you do. Stop accusing one another because the invisible hand might use your weakness and finish you.
To those who are benefiting from Dr Museveni, you are just one of the next in line for a terrible disappointment.

To Dr Museveni. Some of us know what you intend for Islam and Muslims and we are determined not to be silent. We are aware that you have blackmailed many Muslim leaders and those within your govt into silence but soon this will be counter-productive.